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People without joint pain feel younger. It's only natural. 

Our bodies naturally produce HA (Hyaluronic Acid) to keep skin moist and elastic, cushion joints, and facilitate movement as well as healing and repair. However, like all vertebrates, the volume and quality of that HA decreases as we age.

As HA levels drop, our skin begins to lose elasticity. Cartilage and connective tissue stiffens and dries out. Then joint pain starts to limit our mobility and quality of life.

The good news is that JointCharge HJL taken daily can resupply your body with the HA it needs to fight stiffness, hydrate cartilage and other tissues, and keep joints cushioned and flexible.

JointCharge doesn't just help people with ordinary daily joint pain. For athletes in training, JointCharge HJL can reduce soreness and speed recovery between workouts, as well as help keep joints and muscles limber during competition.

The HA in user-mixed JointCharge products is cultured by microbial fermentation and produced in an FDA-approved lab to yield human-grade HA in the most bioavailable molecular weight.

So not only is it 100% vegan, it’s free of potential protein-based contaminants and allergens.

Why do I want to mix it myself?

To deliver maximum effect, an HA supplement needs to be as fresh as possible. That's why we ship JointCharge dry. Unlike pre-mixed liquid HA that can lose potency in transit and storage, the HA in JointCharge HJL is inactive until you add water—not partially degraded before you even open it. 

The secret is our patent-pending, high-molecular-weight HA concentrate you mix with tap water to transform the nearly weightless powder into a crystal clear fluid the thickness of light olive oil.

Thanks to a molecular composition that enables rapid uptake into the bloodstream, each dose delivers 90 mg of pure HA for immediate distribution to joints, ligaments and other tissues.

How do I know if I need to supplement my HA?

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If you match one or more of the following criteria, JointCharge HJL was made for you:

  • I’m active and athletic, and feel stiff or sore after hard workouts or competition
  • I want to protect my joints and ligaments from exessive wear and injury
  • I work on my feet all day, do heavy lifting, or perform repetitive motion tasks that create persistent and distracting aches and pain
  • I used to be active but soreness and pain in my knees and hips make it difficult to enjoy former pursuits and hobbies

How will I know it’s working?


Every person is different but typically you should start to notice certain improvements within 14 to 21 days, assuming no conditions such as an untreated injury or osteoarthritis are present. Signs that JointCharge HJL is working may include:

  • Your joints feel more flexible and supple than they did before taking JointCharge HJL
  • You have decreased or no joint pain after a full day’s work
  • You find you can do sports or chores without experiencing the same degree of joint pain or tenderness you may have felt before
  • You experience less stiffness and soreness post-heavy workouts or competitive events
  • You find you climb stairs or walk and hike without experiencing the same degree of joint pain or discomfort you may have felt before

Do I need to take it every day?


Ideally you should. That's because up until middle age, your body produces the HA it needs every 36-48 hours. However, levels of usable HA decrease over time making it necessary to supplement it—ideally on a daily basis— in order to correct the deficit and maintain the health of joints and other tissues.

Fortunately our patent-pending user-mixed delivery system means you won’t find a more bio-efficient, higher quality source of HA than JointCharge HJL.

How do I take it?


Once it’s mixed, JointCharge HJL has no odor or taste. You can take it with a measuring spoon according to the instructions, or you can mix it into cold cereal or yogurt. DO NOT mix with hot coffee or blend into a smoothie as the blades can disrupt the molecular chains. However, once your smoothie is mixed, you can stir in JointCharge HJL.

Schedule Recommended Dosage
Daily Maintenance 1 tbsp. per day
Loading 2 tbsp. per day for first two weeks
Competition 2 tbsp. per day x 4 days pre-event / day of event / 3 days post-event

How much do I take?

If you’re especially sore, or you’ve never supplemented with HA before, we strongly recommend that you begin with a loading dose before switching to the maintenance schedule.

Athletes who perform in endurance events such as marathons, triathlons and ultramarathons or high-exertion, short burst spots like football or soccer should follow the competition schedule to prevent muscle fatigue, cushion joints during events and accelerate recovery between competitions and training sessions.

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You’ve got nothing to lose, except joint pain.

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